pizzo calabro

000030 - Copy-001

000026 - Copy-001

000031 - Copy-001

000020 - Copy

000028 - Copy-001

000037 - Copy

000029 - Copy-001

000025 - Copy

000021 - Copy







7 thoughts on “pizzo calabro

  1. I’m loving your images! The faded colours and tonality invite to dream. Or is it the film look?

    • Thanks Kenneth! It is the film that gives the images that tone. I’m trying to remember the name of the film I used, but as far as I know it was used in the 1970s for mainly landscape type shots and had very little cyan dye.

    • Thanks Julie! It really means a lot that you enjoy my photos.

      I use a 1963 Pentax Honeywell Spotmatic at the moment (I just got a Canon which I’m dying to use, maybe this weekend). I do as little editing to my photos as possible, if anything I adjust for any under or over exposure in photoshop.

      I will definitely check out your blog :) Your instagram is wonderful with all the typography. Is there a special app for that?

      • Thank you so much for responding! I love photography and I can imagine what it is like to get a new toy ;-) on Instagram i use piclab. You should try it out xx

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