I recently got engaged (I say recently, but when I count it out on my fingers it has been 4 months already!) to my boyfriend Lee when he came to visit me whilst I was on one of my annual stints in Amsterdam. We went to Paris for a few days because Lee had (a) never been to Europe and (b) loves art, so I suppose what better place to visit than Paris. Also, whenever anyone asks me “how did he propose?” I can just say “well, we were in Paris…”, which is kind of awesome. Unfortunately the development of one of my films from the Paris trip went a bit awry (that’s film for you!), but I had taken a few shots on another film when we were waiting for our train to Paris in Amsterdam. I think my man is pretty photogenic :)




these photos were taken by a colleague of Lee’s (see his work here, he takes the most beautiful portraits)




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