homage to the colder seasons

It’s my last week in Amsterdam this time round and… well… it was a (very) short summer. So now I’m back home to wintery South Africa, and then in 3 months I will be back in Amsterdam in the middle of autumn/beginning of winter. Which  means, in effect, another 4 months of colder weather! I’m not complaining though, I think that when it comes to choosing between hot and cold I tend to sway in favour of the latter. So to get/keep me in the brrrrrrr mood here are a collection of photos that I took during autumn/winter in South Africa. The last three photos were actually taken with a disposable camera because I forgot to buy film before leaving for a long weekend (whoops) and could not find film in the towns we visited. But I think they came out really well anyway.

farmlands around stellenbosch

prince albert (translation: sunshine)

hex river valley

robertson winelands

tierhoek near robertson

slanghoek valley/rawsonville

Grietjiesdrif Guesthouse

me :)


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