noordermarkt & chocolatl

The Noordermarkt is by far my favourite market in Amsterdam. This farmers’ market, the first of its kind in Amsterdam, has been around since the late 80s when a small group of ecological farmers came together to sell their produce in an empty square in the Jordaan area (worth visiting in itself). Every Saturday from 9am to 4pm you can buy anything from freshly baked bread to cheese to wild mushrooms to seasonal fruit and veg to secondhand clothing to homemade pasta to macarons! It is truly awesome. I featured some photos that I took at the market a few years ago in an earlier post.  You can also visit the market’s website here.

On the topic of the Jordaan, a friend of mine told me about a chocolate shop in Hazenstraat called chocolatl that has a selection of chocolates sourced from all over the world that has to be seen to be believed. The owners are extremely passionate about their products which is always refreshing. The shop is worth visiting just to ogle the beautiful packaging, and not to mention a quick shot (or two) of delicious hot chocolate.


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