arts on main

It took three weeks to finally get these photos onto the blog… I’ve been traveling quite a bit for work recently. These photos were taken in and around arts on main (located in Johannesburg city centre), definitely worth visiting if you’re ever in the area. Food, galleries and the most amazing collection of second hand clothing sourced mainly from Soweto.


10 thoughts on “arts on main

    • Thanks ab! :) I used 100 ISO black and white film called Retro 100 (I think produced by Agfa) that was just about to expire. Shot all the pictures with 400 ISO settings and then had the guy who processed them for me push it 2 stops. The grain of the film is so fine, so excited every time I use it.

      • thanks debra! coincidentally I recently bought some Agfa 100, so I’ll definitely give it a try. I really do love how these came out for you. I’d love to see some more :)

  1. I LOVE the shot of the doily garlands (I have some of them hanging in my room—so I’m probably biased!). Random question but why do you get the process pushed two stops? Just intrigued…I’ve started developing my own film (so exciting, so easy, so satisfying) so would love to know why you do it!

    • Hey Clio. I pushed it two stops because I was shooting under ISO 400 settings (as well as taking quite a few indoor shots), so didn’t want to risk over-exposing the photos. If I had been taking photos on a really bright sunny day then pushing the processing wouldn’t have been necessary :)

  2. I especially like the more abstract photos here – in a weird way, they often seem more real than the pictures with more obvious targets. I also adore those baskets. Great shots!

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