colour me deco

Round two of my art deco walk photos, and this time the focus is all on the buildings. What strikes me about the art deco architecture is the eclectic use of motifs, ornaments and geometric shapes (the fire station below is a case in point). But most of all… the colour!

R ound


78 thoughts on “colour me deco

  1. GORGEOUS colors — and I absolutely love pictures of doors. There’s something about the symbolism of an entryway … and its unique approach to welcoming people (or not) through color, shapes, designs, etc.

    Fun post! :)

  2. My first studio apartment was in an old, art deco style buildng (the elevator was one of those that looked like a bird cage) and everytime I walked through the lobby i felt like I should be dressed like Audrey Hepburn or something….the place had such an energy ! Loved this.

  3. yes! yes! doors! haha^^ awesome photos – and thanks for reminding me about what I had to do, door photography! I have a winter break right now and every time I get vacation I sleep for 10 hours and then forget all the plans I had for my vacation.. which results in bad conscience over the lack of efficiency XD

  4. You have a great eye. Love the last wooden door. Very paintable! But the shapes, colours, and feel of the era are wonderful in every photograph.

  5. Looks like a great place to go to. You’ve taken some absolutely beautiful shots! What kind of equipment did you use?

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I live in New England, where there’s too much black or dark green trim on white. Color livens everything up so much. Thanks for the refreshing photos!

    • I actually did search for art deco architecture on the web recently and saw that Australia has so many amazing buildings! I should definitely make the effort to cross the ocean :)

  7. I loe Deco colours too. There is something about them that you don’t get now. Perhaps it’s because the materials at the time was all they had but I’d prefer to think they had great taste.

  8. I love brightly colored decor, especially when its a POP of color in a mostly white or neutral area.
    Being a painter, bright colors are part of who I am!
    Great post!!!

  9. I love the door but not because of the color or the typology, but rather for the fact that its a collage of objects where each tells a story. Perhaps not an interesting one, but it does tie a history to that object. Certainly one that is more interesting than that of mas-produced door. the nick at the edge of that wall makes you also wonder what happened there? I cant help but picture someone dragging something heavy through that door where it kicks a chunk out of that wall. Or perhaps its just the effect of time. Also a plus.

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