I heart springs

On Saturday I went places I never thought I would go… Benoni and Springs, two towns lying to the east of Johannesburg. It just so happens that they are a treasure trove of art deco buildings. So I packed myself and my two pentax cameras into my car (stupidly forgetting sunscreen which I have paid for dearly the last few days) and joined a group of fellow photo taking enthusiasts on a photo walk of these towns. I ended up taking 4 rolls of film of photos, and I could go back there multiple times and take 5, nay, 10 times that number! When we parked at the starting point in Springs – the “Palm Springs” shopping centre  (I’m not making this up) – it didn’t seem like there was much going on in terms of art deco architecture, but two blocks in “that direction” (according to some locals) it was like being in another time. I won’t sugar coat it, the level of poverty and crime in the centre of Springs is high, but this just adds to the surreality of the experience. One of the highlights of Springs for me was the people who are incredibly friendly. So for my first post on my art deco walk adventure I am sharing some of the photos that I was able to take of some of the amazing Springs and Benoni locals.

this young girl was having her hair braided; they told me it would take 3 hours!

babysitting whilst mom braids hair

cutest little girl with her barbie doll

these two were walking around the streets with their toy guns; they told me they were having lots of fun

they loved posing for me

street vendor selling peri peri kebabs and sausage

so cool

custodio from mozambique who speaks german, portugese, spanish and french (apparently custodio would be “custard” in english… I think he was pulling my leg)

custodio’s friend (I never learnt his name)

the minute this guy saw the cameras he wanted us to take his photo

at first these guys were camera shy but eventually they warmed up to it


4 thoughts on “I heart springs

  1. hi – great blog – I love the pic of the legs up in the air off the balcony … great to chat to you

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