Here are some of my dabblings in lomography. The camera I used is a modern clone of the Diana mini that uses 35mm instead of 120mm film, which I suppose does not lend itself to the best results. But then again, if you’re going to try lomography you have to go in with the belief that there are no mistakes. For me at least the main idea behind trying out lomography was just to have some fun with what is essentially a plastic toy. And that is exactly how I felt when I was taking these photos. Like a big kid :).


5 thoughts on “imperfection

  1. hey lady, i love how these turned out! and so happy i found your blog via MM. btw, I’m ab…of eyes of ab, not fab… even if i may think i am so. J/k. thanks for the link love over on the side. I’ll be sure to share the love on my little blog.

  2. Could be fun, you in the middle of summer and me in the dead of winter. I have an LCA and love it. Highly recommend one of those. Would love to hear what you wind up with.

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