feed me, seymour

I tend to take quite a few photos of food. Often I’ve found myself saying “oooh that looks good” with my camera plunged into someone else’s plate (my sister does something similar, where she says “oooh that looks good” then plunges her fork into your plate). The reason I tend to take photos of food is partly because I find myself around food a lot, but mainly because I love to capture that particular moment or memory. Some of the photos were taken at home or at family lunches and others were taken at restaurants that I’ve eaten at.

my first attempt at baking croissants

fresh croissants and white chocolate & raspberry frangipane tarts at nook eatery

my dad clearly enjoying his nook breakfast

famous nook cheesecake (luke claims he makes it the best)

tiramisu cake

homemade quiche

red velvet cupcakes

slow cooked lamb and potatoes

father’s day lunch of roast pork and potato bake

pork pie at bar bar black sheep

crème brûlée and chocolate pots at hook line and sinker (best seafood and steaks! Frankly, it’s all good)

sweet selection at bread and wine


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