I do

I may be biased, but my sister’s wedding was the best wedding ever. It was home-made from start to finish. The wedding dress (which was perfect) was bought online and arrived 2 days before the wedding! The venue was in the courtyard of Flowers in the Foyer directly next to their restaurant, who also supplied the amazing flower arrangements (we still talk about those flowers). The venue was decorated with origami cranes (stringed together by my sister), bunting (also made by my sister) and fairy lights hanging from the Wisteria tree in the middle of the courtyard and decked out with picnic style trestle tables and garden furniture. The ceremony was held in our family’s church of 20 years which is just around the corner from Nook. The day was made extra special by the musical accompaniment down the aisle by our childhood neighbour of 12 years, who also led the procession down to the reception on saxophone (kind of like the pied piper). The reception was perfect in its simplicity. On the menu: hamburgers, fries and home-made mayonnaise eaten off recyclable plates, with plenty of beer and champagne. The wedding cakes (red velvet and salty caramel chocolate) were handmade by my older sister and the wedding invitation was designed by my 10 year old niece. A real family affair.

You can read and see more from Jessica and Luke’s beautiful day here, here and here. Oh… and here (all photos on these sites were taken by one of our oldest friends and her boyfriend :) ).

nervous (?) bride

leaving the church

beautiful flower arrangements, perfect for spring

bride and bridesmaid bouquets

origami cranes

pretty ladies :)

jessica’s wedding hair (the flowers are called blushing brides)

bride and groom


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