family values

In my family food plays a central role, not only owing to the fact that there are no less than 3 professionally trained chefs in my immediate family. We practically grew up in the kitchen surrounded by cakes (many bowls were licked) and every school lunch box included some mini form of cake or tart that my mom was baking for coffee shops at the time. I even remember how I spent most of my childhood detesting butter (what can I say, kids are dumb), which meant that one of my friends would always get to eat the crust on my lemon meringue pie. When I saw her over a decade later she even mentioned to me how it was the highlight of her school week.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that my twin sister owns a restaurant, and it is truly a special place. Jessica and her husband of 4 months Luke started Nook Eatery in Stellenbosch (our home town) more than 2 and a half years ago, and it has been so successful. She is pretty much known as the queen of croissants and baked goodies. Her cinnabons smothered in sticky toffee sauce… oh my. You will always ALWAYS find room for a cinnabon. You may have to buy one to go and eat it later after all the other things you will have indulged in, but you WILL find the room.

Forget Cheers, Nook really is a place where everyone knows your name. There is such a personal touch to everything that goes on there, and this is pretty much reinforced by the fact that most people who eat there do so multiple times a week! It is like a little community. Some days you can’t even enter without having to say hello to people sitting at most of the tables you pass.

If film is awesome sauce, then Nook is awesome gravy.

the specials blackboard

just a of sample of Jessica’s famous baked goods

happy customers :)

jessica busy in her kitchen (note the pizza oven in the background. All the breakfasts, except for the eggs, get cooked in there!)

anita and zandile who teach me xhosa and call me inyosi (xhosa for bee, because debra means bee)

charles who makes my perfect cup of coffee

jessica and luke


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