hamburg in farbe

(hamburg in colour)

Hamburg is my favourite German city. This might be surprising to most people. Don’t get me wrong, Berlin is awesome. But what can I say… I have a weakness for cities with water (Cape Town!). There are streams, rivers and canals, and more than 2300 bridges inside the city limits (take that Amsterdam and Venice).

I visited Hamburg with two friends at the height of the build up to Weihnachten (christmas). I’m not over exaggerating when I say that there were at least 30 Weihnachtsmärkte spread out throughout the city centre, including one in the “red light district” appropriately… um… themed (santa strip show anyone?). The ultimate challenge would definitely be to visit each and every Weihnachtsmärkt and have some gluhwein. Also, if you pay 1 euro extra you can take the mug that they serve the gluhwein in away with you which can range from a regular shaped mug with a picture alluding to christmas (think christmas three or santa clause) to a mug shaped like a boot. I’m willing to bet that somewhere there is a person with the ultimate gluhwein mug collection ever…  I’d pay to see that.

canal in the city centre

shop window

painting at the kunsthalle hamburg


warming up with gluhwein and breakfast


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