belle paris

Heads up: cliché alert! Paris is the most beautiful city that I’ve visited… so far (I add this disclaimer because there are a ton of places I still need to visit, so I feel like the rest of them deserve a bit of a fighting chance). I’ve been there twice in as many years and it will never get old. Kind of like macaroni and cheese. The food, the sights, the galleries… the food. Definitely a place worth visiting with someone special, although going it solo can be fun as well.

On a side note, I can highly recommend Perfectly Paris for accommodation if you are travelling there. They rent out authentic Parisian apartments (yes, I know, how can any apartment in Paris be anything other than authentically Parisian, but take a browse through their photos and you’ll totally get what I mean) that really make you feel like you are a local. I stayed on rue de Saussure which is just around the corner from the most amazing street, Rue de Lévis Marché, that caters for every food lover’s needs! There were produce stands, a poissonnerie, an artisanal boulangerie, a cheese shop, a place that sells fresh-ground coffee, a wine store and a florist. I can highly recommend eating brioche for breakfast everyday (not only because it is the most awesome thing ever but it is cheap!) and slow roasted petit poulet bought from a side street cart with crusty bread and pure salted butter. It is, for lack of a better phrase, food porn.

place de la concorde

christmas lights and window displays (fully automated. the kids’ faces were the best part for me) at galeries lafayette

carousel at the bottom of sacre coeur (note the noddy doll in the little girl’s pram. so cute)

parisian skyline from the steps of sacre coeur

japanese school group in front of the champs de elysee

macaroon window display at ladurée

florist on rue de lévis marché

the flea markets are a treasure trove of good finds, like this original wassily chair with matching desk

eiffel tower (as if that wasn’t obvious)

streets of montmarte

musée du louvre


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