snow is magical

The first time I ever (yes…. ever) saw snow fall was when I went to visit a friend who was studying for a semester in Maastricht. I remember that it was the weekend before Christmas, it was freezing cold, drizzling (as it does in Germany) and pitch dark even though it was probably about 4pm. I was sitting at a train station on the border of Germany and Holland feeling very cold and very wet, wishing that I was somewhere warmer and drier. But then it began to snow. I can honestly say I have never seen anything more magical (and quiet) than snow falling. It didn’t snow much that weekend. In fact, I think it had all pretty much melted before noon the next day. But I’ll still remember how excited I was the next day, with that crunchy sound under my shoes and the lakes all covered in a thin layer of ice.

deer in the petting zoo

Maastricht is full of statues of people and animals. My favourite was this (rather lonely looking) bear in Aldenhof Park.

Elfriede writing “santa was here” in the snow

Since that first snowy experience in Maastricht, I have seen enough snow to last me a life time! In 2009 Germany had record snow fall and temperatures where I was staying plummeted to -22 degrees. When I came back from spending Christmas with my dad in Dubai everything was blanketed in snow. In 2010 I was in Amsterdam when they also experienced snow storms of the decade. I have to be honest, freshly falling snow is the most beautiful thing in the world. But what snow becomes 2 days after it has fallen… that is a different story. And when it threatens to delay your flight home to be with your family on Christmas day… I’m tempted to write the white stuff off forever.

the park across from my apartment in Amsterdam after a snow fall

icy grachten (canals)


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